Standard English

The perfect English lessons for you

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Standard English lessons, the perfect match for your education. You will be able to communicate with anyone in the world and learn more from the best. Plus, prepare for the Cambridge tests.

Expand your borders and reach more people

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The classes are completely online and one-to-one, so you can get them anywhere in the world. It’s that easy. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Get connected anytime, anywhere

Tailored online English lessons

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Since these are online lessons, you don’t have to go to schools or fit in with schedules that don’t always suit you. We agree on the schedule that best suits you and we get started. Plus, cancel anytime.

Find the best time for you and your English

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We start the lessons from your level and move forward with 50 minute sessions, focusing on the aspects you need most without losing the global vision, working on all areas of the language.

Focus on what matters most to you