How to describe “who is behind English Academy Pro is not easy, but I can tell you that I grew up in Spain in the 80s. Since I was young, I was very interested in learning new languages ​​different from those in my country. Later, as a teenager, my parents encouraged to travel. Since then, I’ve never stopped, so I started to study some of them more seriously.

In my academic years, I studied the Degree of Tourism at Alhamar School of Tourism (2001, Granada). Later, I started to go to the Law school (University of Granada).

After a while, I began studying the Master in Hotel Management at Les Roches Marbella International School of Hotel Management (Marbella, Spain).

Jesús Nuño

In the professional field, I worked in the hospitality industry at many professional levels and in different countries (such as Italy or the Czech Republic, among others). While I was out of Spain, I was able to put into practice the languages I learned ​​in my youth. Moreover, I was able to learn new ones and meet many different people who I could practice with, improving my communication skills and learn from their culture.

In that time, I detected in my colleagues and in the customers the need to communicate and connect with other people, whether they are traveling or working.

That was the moment I started my professional career in teaching languages, both in English and Spanish, and put all the skills that I learned during my previous job in practice. That is, communication skills and customer service best practices. And it’s already more than 8 years teaching and helping others to communicate better.

My specialisation in business English came about 2 years ago, providing both face-to-face and online classes to companies and professionals, mainly in Spain.

I currently speak 7 languages. Besides English and Spanish, the ones I teach, I also speak Italian, French, German, Chinese and now I’m learning Korean.

About English Academy Pro

Due to globalization, connectivity and ease of travel, language skills have become a necessity and English is, along with Spanish and Chinese, the main language to communicate with today.

In the business world in general, and in the online business world in particular, having a good level of English is synonym of more possibilities of success. Therefore, the online business English lessons I offer you are completely personalized. Thus, you can consider them as the perfect complement for you and your business.

I will be delighted to share everything I know and help you to achieve your goals in English.

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